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New Volunteer Advisers December 2022

Additional volunteers to help with Cost of Living Crisis

Citizens Advice has trained another 8 volunteers who have joined the team to help
local residents cope with the cost of living crisis.

Mayor of Gillingham, Sharon Cullingford attended St Marys Vicarage on the 5th december 2022 to present 7 of the volunteer advisers with their hard won certificates.

“Gillingham and the surrounding areas in North Dorset recognise how important Citizens Advice is for our residents, especially during this current economic crisis. As newly qualified advisors you will make an invaluable contribution to the community, providing access to general advice, guidance and help that our residents may not otherwise receive.”

Mayor of Gillingham, Sharon Cullingford

The volunteers, all from the local community, give their time to support those who need urgent help to deal with finance, debt and benefit issues. In the year 2021-2022 Citizens Advice helped 409 residents of Gillingham with 1,715 issues. 51% of those clients had a disability or long term health condition, and 21% of these clients had a mental health issue.

Over the last 3 months of the service there has been an increase in demand of 27% for North Dorset compared to this time last year.

“These volunteers are so important to us as we are working flat out to cope with demand. We are open for drop-in four days a week and we also offer appointments and advice by phone and email 5 days a week. I have never seen our service so busy and so much need in our community; particularly for crisis support”

Elaine Morley, Advice Service Manager for North Dorset

Citizens Advice recently undergone a recruitment drive which has been supported by the NHS. A new group of trainee volunteer advisers will soon start their training to work in their local community.

To find out more about volunteering please email

For clients seeking help you can,

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