Research and Campaigns

As well as giving advice and information, we are equally committed to campaigning for change when policies and practices are adversely affecting people’s lives. As part of our Research and Campaign work, our advisers are trained to recognise unfairness and injustice in individual situations which also affect others in a similar position. The evidence is collected and is then used in our campaigning work.

We use our clients’ experiences, stories and evidence to research and campaign for positive change. We campaign to ensure problems and issues which affect people’s lives are tackled at the root cause.

Dorchester, Sherborne and Districts office also works as part of the Dorset County Research and Campaign Group. This allows us to campaign on issues that affect all the people of Dorset.

Our current campaigns

For our latest campaign we are looking at Universal Credit. 

Have you made a claim for Universal Credit? Have you had any problems?
We would like to hear from you.
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Personal Independence Payment

Personal Independence Payment is a benefit to help people with a disability or long term illness cope with the additional costs they have because of their condition. Examples would be additional trips to hospital, special aids and equipment, modifications to their home, extra heating costs or costs for specially adapted transport.

This additional money can be crucial in helping disabled people lead a full a life as possible, enabling them to have a social life, care for their families and often work. However Citizens Advice is increasingly finding that clients are having problems with claiming PIP and people who in the past would almost certainly have received help are being turned down.

We are therefore planning a project which, over a six month period, will look at the experience (good or bad) of everyone who comes to see us for help with any aspect of PIP, whether it is the initial claim, the assessment, decision making process or making an appeal.
The information collected will be anonymous and will be written up in a report. This will be circulated to our local MP and other people who need to be aware of the importance of PIP in enabling disabled people to live fulfilling lives.

If you have recently claimed PIP but have not been in contact with Citizens Advice we would love to hear from you about your experience so that we can include it in the project.
Please contact us through the e-mail link on either the Contact Dorchester or  Contact Sherborne page and we will be in touch with you.